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The leader:

— One of forms of dialogue with subconsciousness are dreamings. There is a mass of interpreters of sleeps, so-called dream books. Obviously, how much there is a mankind, so much and people try to perceive that dreams them. More scientific approach to usage of the information gained in a state of a sleep, has tendered 3. Freud. Its idea about dreamings as about implementation of unconscious desire has occurbed in 1895 and has undergone infinitesimal changes in a course of development of its teaching. According to its submissions, dreamings are directed by unconscious pulses in which one the person does not want to admit a conscientious state. During a sleep the consciousness control decays, and prohibition pulses come to light. The strong incentives the sleep can be upset, therefore the dreaming masks them, investing with characters.

In my opinion to consider dreaming devices as parts of the "I" much easier. These parts — devices of the person which one can be in the conflicting, and can interact intimately. Try to identify itself sequentially with each character of the sleep and to communicate with itself on behalf of this character of a sleep. Speaking in other words, become on some time to that has dreamt you, — the person, animal, a subject — and talk with itself on behalf of this character of your sleep. Without forgetting thus that the character which one only somehow matches to your part of subconsciousness dreams you. Remember, we told about the character, a fashion of that part of subconsciousness which one creates to you a certain problem, — here the same.

I recommend to concern easy to such things as the death, and to everything that happens to it it is connected. The dreamt death at all does not mean that someone from your surrounding has prepared to go to a better world. It is a question, most likely, that any your idea perishes, there is barren an idea. However, characters at everyone the. And if you have solved severely to learn to gain the information from your dreamings, that effective will be that you begin to record your sleeps and present day events. The assaying of events and sleeps will lead to your characteristic classification of characters of your sleeps. And now some exercises to learn to recognise the information concealed in sleeps.

1. Tell a sleep from the first person. Select the brightest, significant for you sleep episodes. Sequentially become each character of a sleep, meaning its symbolical meaning for you. Talk from his name to itself or with other separate your parts — characters of your sleep. Having bunked day, spot correspondence of a scene of a sleep to day time events.

2. Select a bright episode of a sleep. Together with the helper play miniperformance where you will be one character of a sleep, another — your helper. Communicate with each other on behalf of your characters. Change over — now you will play that role which one was played by your helper. And he will play the second character of your sleep.

3. Draw a case history for a sleep which one has dreamt you once. Same also your associate let will make. It can be two or three subjects. Each of you selects on one character from your sleeps. Let each of you in a role of the character will lead conversation with the character from a sleep of other person. Leading conversation between characters, think, as well as with whom the same conversation could occur in life.

4. Tell the sleep sequentially. Select and record the agenda all nouns, adjectives, verbs. Discover an antonym (opposite) for each word. Tell the new "sleep" consisting of new words, to your associate.

5. Operation in bunch. One person from bunch tells the sleep. Each present selects one of characters of the told sleep and makes a picture. Then in pairs lose roles of these characters, it can be conversation and between several characters. Realise, what senses could be mirrored in this sleep.

In the capacity of an example some stories.

On reception the woman who wants to learn to perceive the sleeps. She tells that the same sleep very often dreams it:

— To me dreams that I walk a major pink pig on a driving bracket. The doctor, what it could mean?

The doctor:

— Enter in a fashion of this sleep, become the character of a sleep.

— Means, it is necessary to become the character? I become a major pink pig. It I — a major pink pig?!

Thus its view is sinked on the legs put in pink boots and pink stockings, rises above — on a red cup and above — on a light pink jacket. She slowly, vrastjazhku says a phrase:

— I — a major pink pig!

Ha-ha! So it I a pink pig! Recently it was fretted immoderately, here and I behave on a short driving bracket of diets. And from pink bloom, probably while it is necessary to refrain. Though it very much is pleasant to me. The girl asks for the floor:

— My name is Natasha. Help me, please. The same as also the woman from your story, the same sleep dreams me here already some times. The washing machine dreams me. So it, I — a washing machine?

The leader:

— Enter in a washing machine fashion. What basic function of a washing machine?


— To delete dirty linen! So, I — a washing machine, I delete dirty linen. I, apparently, have perceived: there is at me such character trait — we will prepare together with the girl-friend behind a calyx kofejku and a sigarette and we start to rewash bones to all acquaintances, sometimes and an underwear we reach. So me subconsciousness learns it to mind-reason supposedly in another way, I do not perceive! Here what wise my subconsciousness, there should wise be someone in the dwelling!

— And my name is Eugene, — the girl of years of twenty speaks. — the sleep has dreamt me literally the day before. A sleep offensive enough. Has woken up that is termed, in cold sweat. The crocodile has dreamt me, it has jumped out of the turbid river and has pursued me. I have climbed on a dry tree and began to be afraid that a twig of this tree can break off and I will fall endways in a mouth to a crocodile.

The leader:

— Eugene, yield sequentially. Become in turn characters of your sleep, talk to itself on behalf of each character.

— So, at first — the turbid river with crocodiles. It is my "turbid" life, complete of pavors — crocodiles.

One of them the strongest — pavor of death from which one I escape and I search for protections on an arbour. The leader:

— Well. Much becomes clear. What does the tree fashion mean for you? Become a tree.

— The tree is my monogynopaedium. It dry, under bark and without leaves, also grows on a marsh. That is roots practically do not hold down it. And a twig on whom I stand, just about can break off. Yes, the situation appears not so cheerful, but I recall that the tree beautiful, strong and healthy nearby grows. And if to make certain efforts it is possible, I think, to skip on this strong tree. It means, what the marriage is necessary to me? The leader:

— And you would like to marry?

— I not against a marriage. A leah will be my husband protection against pavors?

The leader:

— Yield to begin with itself. Learn to interact with the pavors then and it will not be necessary to be advocated. Having modified, you will help changes with your monogynopaedium and then the tree and your stem can turn green.

The inference

Here our virtual seminar also has come to an end. In this time all of us to much have learnt. There was the most remarkable — a swap of sincere heat, cordial energies. Being the teacher of School of Health and Pleasure, I not only am divided with you that already I am able, but also permanently I study at you. Therefore so dialogue with you, from here and light grief was joy by parting.

We hope that the new knowledge, new fashions will help you with understanding of all of that you create on a trajectory to the happiness. Our task consisted in teaching each other to art of interplay with all existing energies, emotions, illnesses. It is knowingly told: everything that is yielded by God, — all to the best! In it there is a major depth sense. It means that any situation us is created for our instruction. To be able easy, with understanding, soberly to value a situation, to see in it that positive notion which one our subconsciousness selects the most optimum, most congenial trajectories for aspiration to HARMONY. To learn the most important ability in life — to ability of LOVE to, to environmental people and to all Universe.

I wish our seminarists, our readers, our adherents of LOVE, PLEASURE, REASON And REALIZATION!!!


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The leader:

— The subject of the finance explicitly enough is featured in Valery Sinelnikov’s book "Avenue to wealth". Therefore I want to be shut down only on some aspects of this vast and interesting subject.

We will begin that I will yield homework to all present on our virtual seminar.

The job essence consists in the following. You will need to approach to absolute to strangers and, using all your creative potential, your charm, imagination, an exposure, and can be, and sense of humour to ask for them money. Naturally, it will be necessary for you to explain intelligibly for what that total about which one you appeal for this person is so indispensable for you. And people should be miscellaneous level of a prosperity. It is the maiden part of the job.

The second part consists in that to a three it is absolute to strangers to yield money. And intelligibly to justify your gesture so that people had a desire to take from you this money. Accordingly people to whom you will tender the unlimited total, will be also miscellaneous level of a prosperity.

For what it will be necessary for you, I will illustrate after participants of the previous seminars will tell about effects, already carrying out similar the job.

— I from Moldova, — speak the participant of a seminar, which one on occupations already third time. — past year after the job has been gained, I have gone on passenger depot behind the ticket home and, already being at passenger depot, have recalled about homework. I have begun that began to distribute money. The blessing that at passenger depots always is wishing them to gain. I was fond a little and have not noted that already used the significant total from this that it was necessary to sidetrack on the ticket.

Know, I even was delighted, when have perceived that money for acquisition of the ticket does not suffice. It means, there is a convincing halter to be converted to somebody with the request to yield money for the ticket. Practically at once has paid attention to one solid citizen. It stood last in queue to a booking office. I was converted to it with the request to yield money for a way back.

«Precisely money is necessary to you on the ticket?» — the solid citizen has asked. «It is finite!» — I answer. «Is not present, I will not yield money to you, and itself I will purchase the ticket», — he speaks. ‘ the Ticket has been purchased, to pleasure of both sides.

I have sincerely thanked him. And — for resource and the carried out job. I had the complete reliance that in due time the necessary total necessarily will occur.

The leader:

— I give thanks to you for the story. I see that your neigbour persistently asks for the floor. I appeal for you to quit on the midpoint.

— I from Moscow. The similar job never fulfilled. I have recalled very instructive history which one was told by my aunt. Events about which one speech will go, have really happened in her life.

She told about the very good acquaintance.

They lived once in the Moscow communal flat. Despite narrowness, lived in peace and friendship. Have then parted who where, and the aunt of Schur and remained to live in this dwelling unit. The former neighbours are not present-is not present and looked on a spark for old time’s sake. Volodja has somehow gone also. In due time the aunt of Schur nursed it. And it Schur concerned to the aunt with special tenderness and warmth, having more likely filial feeling.

«Aunts Schur! And I after all behind advice!" — he has told, unsuccessfully trying to attach the person more joy expression.

«I can yield My dear, what advice to you, such how now speak, to the abrupt banker?!» — «that’s just the point that you can. And that to mine« a steepness »you that is termed as in water you look. I because of it also have come. Yes, there was I rich, more likely, not rich, but financially ensured. I think that rather rich person is quiet and happy, and I farly am not quiet. I am am occupied recently with thought that if, God forbid, there will be any state of emergency: the default alternate, or jar will go bankrupt, or still something similar as I can earn on life? These thoughts in my head permanently also turn, life is not present already from these pavors, such patterns in a head I wind, not to transmit!» — «Volodja, you know, of what I have just thought?! To me on operation recently told that on Kursk passenger depot the gilt youth has a good time thus: they change clothes in beggars, vagabonds and lead their life any time — reeled training is termed. Why and you not to try?»

Volodja it was referred to case with sharpness and a grasp of the true banker. The aunt of Schur has discovered in a scullery old grand-dad’s an overcoat. Volodja a burn-in lighter fully pripalil it in several places. Getting used to a fashion pogoreltsa, it is qualitative osmolil and the well-cared beard. In a dwelling basement the uniocular kitten-teenager, malicious as the imp has been caught for the complete surroundings. At the moment of acquaintance to the banker it fully has scratched last arms and a physiognomy.

Following evening Vladimir again has occurbed at aunt Shury with the new caundal friend and huge union. It was not to learn. He with delight told, how walked on electric trains and appealed for handouts for two pity pogoreltsev. «Help, please, people kind! At me remains nobody, except this cat!» — he spoke.

Finally the total of its day time gain has appeared so significant that from its pavors does not remain also a trace.

All earned money it rozdal to grandmothers near church with joy thought that can ensure now itself(himself) anyway.

The leader:

— At accomplishment of "monetary" homework it was not bypassed and without funny things: here that the participant of a conventional seminar in Moscow has told.

«I have fulfilled all points of homework. Gave and accepted in gift money, it is necessary to make last — to ask money at the person more richly.

I look, square "Mercedes" is shut down. It is quitted by the typical quoter of rich estate — the guy in the long black leather raincoat. I a firm step approach to it and I say the following (thus one of parts my interior "I" primely in shock of that I say): «the Young man! I see that you the person ensured and to you, obviously, it will not be unprofitable to render material aid. Money is urgently necessary to me!»

The guy there and then climbs in a raincoat bin, gets a weighty purse, uncovers it and only then asks: «it is good, and how much and for what?»

Whence, the following thought has got out of what depths of subconsciousness — I do not know.

«Case in that, — I tell it, — that I work recently in one private business concern and I am in some dependence on the director. And today it in second already time reprimands me». — «Well and at what here the monetary assistance?» — «the piquant situation, and at me an underwear though also green, but not so new simply can be added». — «So money for new pants are necessary to you?! Ha-ha!» — «Well!» — «And how much?» — the guy speaks, getting from a purse thick enough member of denominations. And here I have spoilt all, having told that it is necessary for me only fifty roubles.

«You compose something, the girlfriend, a good underwear costs much. The minimum fifty gripe pieces, and even is more! Well time you appeal for fifty roubles, here them and gain, thanks that has made laugh. Happen!»

To me one more interesting story heard by me at a two-day seminar in Simferopol is recalled. From small resort small town on the western coast of Crimea there has arrived a married couple. Having gained homework, they have solved that it will not fulfil. And as they then admitted, have considered accomplishment of such homework below their characteristic advantage. But life or fate as want term, disposes in own way. And it was gained here that.

«Lodge we in a minibus. Except us, in the machine anybody yet was not. Have prepared on ten grivnas for journey, we sit and we wait. The guy goes to a minibus. Ozabochenno has corrected curtains, something has muttered concerning garbage on a flap. Has asked us where we go, and has taken our money. Has left. Other passengers have approached still, for a steer other motor-man has sat and became obilechivat passengers. And queue has reached us. We explain that money has already donated its workmate. The motor-man states that never goes with the workmate, and demands journey repayment. We with horror perceive that became a victim of the swindler. Money at us only on a way back. Here also it was necessary to restrain arrogance and to appeal for about that has taken free of charge. The motor-man was flatly failed, then it was necessary to appeal for passengers of a minibus of the financial help. Have assembled hardly more halves of fare then the motor-man was cushioned, and we have gone. Has However, read the notation that all the same it is not necessary to trust in the first comer. But it is washed perceived that us "have treated" from arrogance and a hooking for money. As a result it was gained that whatever one may do, and it was necessary to fulfil the job ».

I want to introduce you Elena: it almost constant participant of our seminars. As far as I know, it has enough wide experience of accomplishment of similar jobs. You are ready to impart experience it?

Elena rises before a hall:

— We carried out with the girl-friend this job for picturesque Gurzufsky embankment. We see, towards there is a nice man, solve to approach to it and to ask any amount of money. And have made. And at once were refused: «Is not present, I will not yield you money — you have approached to me somehow as a real man».

Before it we transited a subject of muzhsko-female ratios, and I perceive that this man is near from true. I need to pay attention to the feminity clamped in tight frameworks. The Universe speaks to me about it in clear. I perceive that over development of the feminity it is necessary to work first of all. Through any time I am again returned to accomplishment of the "monetary" job. Already after thorough study of ratios between my internal man and the woman. On the same embankment we approach with the girl-friend besides to the man. We speak: «Take from us money!» On what we have heard a phrase caressing our female vanity: «It’s nothing! I do not take from women of money!» We was joy have exchanged glances with the girl-friend. «Us consider as women! Taki yes!!!» — «Is better you kiss me! And the girlfriend too!»

We have kissed it in both dogs. The look of the man was somehow hazed, and he with light and a little a sad smile slowly has told: «What you kind, girls!»

Obviously, any strunki muzhsko-female ratios we have meshed in his soul ».

So, you have to some extent fulfilled homework. "Validating" this homework, we could be convinced that in one events to people was to ask easily money for associates, in other events was difficult to yield money. The sense of this homework also consists in that to validate itself, how much easily and freely issue money in the life. And also to clarify, how much freely you leave that cash which one is at you. By the way, is easily leaving money, you release a place for fresh capital in-leak in your budget. There is one more interesting aspect of this job. Was relevant at its accomplishment closely to listen to those people to whom you make contact. After all each person in this world is your reflex.

— You know, — someone from participants speaks, — some with horror are discharged, when to them yield money.

— They think that you want to direct on them spoil, — the leader illustrates.

— Yes-yes, some and speak: «I Will take your money, and then to me it will be bad». It is gained, what in me there are same pavors? I expect from people something bad?

— Quite right, — the leader speaks. Is and there is one of your hindrances on a trajectory to prosperity.

Arcady with the anxious countenance:

— I had a problem on how correctly to formulate notion pertaining to money. I told myself the following: «I Want to have many money!»

The leader:

— Arcady, tell to itself so: «I state the notion to be the rich person!» The word "oof" has many senses. The rich person is rich both health, and friends, and ideas. The rich person is able to control the monetary flow. Both ward and the expenditure of money. The rich person takes in money any methods. One of methods of obtaining of money are gifts from the Universe. Perhaps, among present is wishing to be divided by the events of obtaining of gifts from the Universe.


— In Moscow at a seminar unmade "the Subarch" subject. A word has asked, as she has termed herself, the dog lover with a long standing. Told, how it walked the spaniel late at night and pyosik has dragged in cogs any dirty parcel. To launch all its teams the parcel earlier compliant spaniel has ignored. Then she has tried to sample a find at a dog. The dog has perceived it as a play. As a result of convolutions have by common efforts shreded: in it it has appeared about one and a half thousand bucks.

Under blanket laughter someone from the present has asked: «the Click in rent do not hand?»

The leader:

— After subject arguing «Gifts from the Universe», next day one of participants has asked words and has told such story.

«I so liked idea that it is necessary to love itself and to learn to make and accept gifts that I have there and then solved to try. Has noticed in the market for the saleswoman which one had a sad countenance. I approach to it and I draw through five grivnas.« Here, — I speak, — take. It is my gift to you. I want to see, how you smile!»

The girl has literally come out. Has got under a counter, has got a purse and draws through to me ten grivnas.

«You know, — she speaks with a smile, — I too love Sinelnikov, I read and I re-read its books, and I want to present to you this money and to wish all good».

The leader:

— I see one more raised arm. You want to add something?

— My name is Anna, me of magpies of years, I from Stavropol. It is one more history about interplay with subconsciousness and obtaining of gifts from the Universe.

Birthday of my friend came nearer, we are very close, we are on friendly terms from a school bench. Very much it would be desirable to go to congratulate the girlfriend, but, unfortunately, money practically was not. Neither on a gift, nor on that to a feast to buy any new thing. It has started to be concentrated on thought: «Where to get the necessary total?» On a dip procedure has started to communicate with subconsciousness and accurately I realise that it is necessary to go on Central market. Also I ask myself a problem: «What Central market?! It’s late, in the same place anybody is not present!» I gain the answer: «you Want money — go marketing». Compliantly I go marketing. «Approach to a dump of empty containers near fish pavilion. Take out two upper containers. The mashed member from under cigarettes there lies. Take it!» — "I" hear a voice interior. I approach to a dump of containers. Really, I discover strongly crumpled cigarette member «1_М», I uncover and with internal thrill I see (primely mysticism any!) The decent roll of money corresponding to my monthly salary. At once thought: «And a leah it is possible to take another’s money?» And at once there is the interior understanding overgrowing into reliance: «to Thom who has hidden this money, they are not necessary. If they get to it will bring to it a lot of a grief, and to you there will be only a favour. Take and easy use».

The leader:

— Really, mystical story. Similar on a fairy tale, but after all we really live in the fantastic world. Trajectories of in-leak of money can be the diversified. After all the Universe is abundant! Therefore do not restrict itself in what!

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The word is taken by the woman, it is represented as Antonina and, being converted to the leader, appeals for to answer its problem concerning a delivery.

— I am possible I will begin with verses? Remember, at Leonid Filatova:

Causes concern

Your nutrient process.

As eat at you there a swede —

With kozhuroju ali without?

— Jes!!!

And nutrient process causes recently concern in me strong enough. I visited a seminar on Vedic crop. There it was said that the person using in nutriment meat, a fish, eggs, gains pavor of an animal and its aggression directed per capita. Has no meaning who has slayed this animal. It is gained so that the one who eats meat, indirectly participates in killing of this sheep or a pig. The accumulated aggression and pavor modifies our psychics, behaviour, erupting in the form of any emotional flashouts, stresses, depressions and to that similar. Tell, please, what do you think of it?

The leader:

— I so will answer your problem — roots of Vedic crop lie in an extreme antiquity. It is a huge centuries-old seam of history which one only just starts to be unclosed to us. Recently there were many the scientific operations demonstrating that our ancestors who have created Vedic crop, lived in region of an arctic pole. But the climate there was subtropical. Therefore the system of outlook also was added in such a manner that they easy did without animal origin nutriment. After jump of environmental conditions on the Far North arias and slavs have dissipated on the Euroasian continent, carrying crop, including delivery crop, to other people. Have transited thousand the years, in this time much was changed.

But we will leave history alone, yield we will try to understand that is at present. A problem not in that to use meat in nutriment or not. All case in your thoughts. And in those fashions which one stand up for the nutriment prepared from meat. If you, having supper, eat a chop and think about…

Another matter if in a plate with meal you see a method of a restore of a metabolic cost with nutriment you gain appropriate amounts.

If to speak about vegetarianism there should be any reasonable limits. For example, translate native person Pripoljarja to a plant food which one there grows, and it… It a deer becomes! — the fun-loving voice from a hall is distributed.

The leader:

— At least, on a reindeer and lichens longly you will not draw through. Basically it is is possible, but there should transit not one hundred years, that the organism of such person could be rebuilt generically on new nutriment to derive from it everything that is necessary for an organism. As there it is not enough sunny days. Therefore to speak to quoters of northern nationalities «do not eat meat, do not eat a fish» at least absurdly.

Such aspect is important still: the person living, for example, in Ukraine or in Russia and eating especially vegetarian nutriment, uses very often the vegetative yields which are not growing in its region in the ration. For example, bananas, oranges. As a rule, they do not grow in your vegetable garden.

If to negate meat nutriment, recognising that you pledge a killing fashion in a steak purchased in the market you create this fashion of corrupting. And spawn aggression pertaining to those who uses meat in nutriment. Here also it is gained that the vegetarian denouncing "trupoedenie", itself actively enough participates in killing of animals, at infraconscious level. You speak: «I do not eat some meat, I such good!» — and the fashion of killing of animals already starts to work.

Therefore it is necessary to be very close to the thoughts, senses. And when your outlook, with passage in a new behavioral model will start to change, you can easily and naturally, without aggression to transfer to a plant food. But it is much better, if this nutriment is grown by your arms in your tribal estate. You pledge certain sense, certain positive power engineering in your plants.

Here then will be there is enough, as tells Anastas from Vladimir Megre’s books, a meal small amount that the person has satisfied hunger because a delivery is performed already on more thin plot.

The man with a fluffy broad beard asks for the floor.

— My name is George. Some years ago I with the wife have got on Galina Shatalovoj’s lecture. Very good lecture, and Shatalov — the remarkable person. It on the example demonstrates, as it is possible to live in another way. We excited with its ideas, began to try, as she advises to live: fasts observed, ate on its system of environmental sanitation. Have completely eliminated from a ration of the squirrel of animal origin. Before transferring to its system, I weighed seventy two kilogrammes. And as a result postrojnel on seven kilogrammes for one month. It is impossible to tell that «a draught in an air vent carried out», but often there was a wilt and giddiness. The type was apparently unhealthy. Then I have perceived that it not mine, not my method of environmental sanitation.

About what writes Shatalov, — is correct, first of all, for Shatalovoj. Each person should have trajectory both the improving and nutrient system. I have perceived that it is necessary to listen to myself. It would be desirable to eat a steak — I eat it. It would not be desirable me to drink, for example, wine or beer — I do not drink here already some years.

The leader: — Thanks! Very valuable complement.

Arm the woman balzakovskogo hoists a little polnovataja ages:

— It would be desirable to hear some words about the parents of excess weight and specific references on getting rid of this problem.

The leader:

— Yield we will try to systematise all about what we just spoke. Answering a problem on the ovenweight parents, it is possible to speak about many things, but attract attention only three cores момента.1. More often people overeat at a deficit of love or when they are in a stress condition. In this case the nutriment becomes a pleasure radiant, a substitute of love to. Therefore when you learn to overcome the sacrifice and to love yourselves not through a plate, and many other methods then necessity to overeat will disappear as superfluous. Then it will be possible to gain from meal only that there is, — a radiant of a restore of a metabolic cost including spiritual energy.

2. Many eat in reasonable limits, but because of busy condition, because of laziness lead an inactive conduct of life. Do not weight the organism in the necessary measure with physical exercises to maintain desirable weight.

3. Sometimes the ovenweight becomes the peculiar form of protection against world around. A jacket behind which one it is possible to hide too vulnerable and sensitive soul. And also a method to avoid sexual harassments. When such person learns, how it is possible to react correctly to flirtation and how if necessary firmly to tell "is not present", necessity for completeness disappears by itself.

Many people, inclined to a hyperalimentation, are not able to differentiate miscellaneous feels. They confuse sense of loneliness, hollow in themselves and sense of hunger. Try to understand these feels and to answer yourself that you want — to have dinner or stay in a surrounding pleasant to you of people more.

Certainly, the factors causing the person to overeat, it is a lot of. So much, how much the people who are suffering affliction from completeness. Using approach principles to eat period about which one we will speak more low, everyone can constitute for itself(himself) the program of a balanced diet.

If you want to have a harmonous figure, proportional weight, for this purpose you need to be able to select correctly yields and dishes for a balanced diet. Sequential activities are tendered your attention some, pomogushchih to you to become harmonous, to react to nutriment how it is made by naturally harmonous people.

1. Answer a problem: «As you learn what it is time to eat?» You have looked at hours, or have experienced hunger, or you have called to have dinner — will pay to this attention.

2. Think of the internal feels, think of how much you are hungry.

3. Introduce any accessible dish which one you could eat, experience in a mouth its taste. Then think of possible feels when this dish which one you introduce, will get in your maw.

4. Compare these feels. Feels in yourselves how you will introduce the selected dish in your maw. Answer itself, what it is pleasant to you more? A leah you will feel yourselves is better after will eat this dish? Or to you to eat something another? Or generally not is yet?

5. You can introduce any other dish and in the same way mass on it.

Compare the feels, able to be after you have eaten one or other dish. The same do with several possible dishes.

Select the optimal alternative.

Also think over also an amount of that nutriment which one you guess to eat. Now introduce that you eat this dish and take pleasure from eaten and for a long time feel well.

6. Well and certainly eat with pleasure this dish, without forgetting to think that your organism will take from this amount of the nutriment eaten by you all the most necessary. The most valuable that only is in this plate facing you for a restore of your metabolic cost.

The high young man asks for the floor: — My name is Andrey. After perusal of books of Megre it wanted to me to be failed from alcohol, from meat nutriment. I really became the vegetarian. My monogynopaedium and my colleagues have met me, with approval were referred to my inclinings. Has transited some months. I began to mark that in me there was an aggression to those people who eat meat, drink beer. It is necessary to tell that I too liked to drink earlier beer — a little bit, but with pleasure. And now case reaches almost hatred. I began to pay attention to people round myself which one it is tasty eat meat and drink. Till now I did not note it. Then I wonder supposedly what is the matter? And I gain such answer from subconsciousness:« You were failed from customary meal, but anything new have not created. You do not have still tribal estate as it is featured in books of Megre. To change the conduct of life it is necessary at all levels. It is impossible, that it was restricted only to meal. It is necessary to change also the thoughts, senses. It is necessary to take hectare of land and to equip the room of love. For now these changes happen, eat that you want, observing sense of proportion in all! Otherwise you spawn to nobody the necessary aggression ». Know, to me your procedure is pleasant to that you to what do not anchor people. We live everyone in the L-steel of country, we cannot be modified radically at once, and I perceive that it and it is not necessary.

The leader:

— Well. Closing down this subject, I want to tell to you that is is relevant not from something to be failed — from a cigarette, a morning cup of coffee, from the meat use. And was relevant to create something new. A new state, attitude. To create the fashion of a delivery, environmental sanitation which one will match to your new submissions about itself, about that state in which one your spirit, your skew field will be. Therefore be close, listen to itself. Listen to about what speak associates, but do not forget that they speak and advise how it perceive.

Wonder: a leah «Will contribute in my evolution and health what advise to me?» If gain the interior consent from all parts of subconsciousness, please, accept this model of a delivery. And if is not present, it is not necessary to force the skew field, making the life miserable of itself and to the family. Clarify the parents of this aversion. Modify them taking into account the needs. Concern to itself with love and trust. Everyone let listens to itself(himself), to the organism. The delivery fashion should match to a fashion of your spirit, a state of your soul at present.

In life all changes very promptly. In a month, in a year in your life there can set in considerable changes, your tastes can be modified, the fashion of your delivery will be modified. Be ready to changes.

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6. A hereditary factor — tribal programs

Such problem is quite often asked: «And how to be with a heredity? With such concepts, how tribal damnations?» I so perceive that each person has programs which one in some measure match to programs of his parents. Any child mirrors parent programs to a puberty continuance, and approximately from twelve years age its characteristic programs start to work most actively. The main sense and an ultimate goal of life of any person is accumulating of love to, to the parents, to people enclosing it. Certainly, living conditions in some monogynopaediums happen primely inhuman. In it the sense of an event also consists: to the child living in such intolerable requirements, it is necessary to learn to love and, and the parents, whatever they were.

To transit this trajectory and to learn to forgive, learn to give thanks to parents for lessons and to increase greatly love — here the main destination of each of us! Let sometimes lessons happen rigid, and sometimes cruel. But after all it is love lessons!

I consider that meeting hereditary "disease" most severe and most often is the syndrome of a deficit of love. Per se, this syndrome never happens congenital — the child in any monogynopaedium is born with unconditional love to the parents and to the world round it. Parents as soon as the child begins though something to think, start to learn at once to its love conditional: a mole, I will love you, if you is good, compliant, kind and so on. And so, the task of any person consists in again to find unconditional love and to (to the skew field, to the thoughts), and to parents, such what they are. And to all world around. ALL OF US ONCE LOVED EACH OTHER, ONLY HAVE forgotten ABOUT IT!

From here thought on tribal programs: our parents, with rare exception, did not learn love neither their parents, nor parents of their parents. All tribal damnations, negative tribal programs will conclude, will disappear as superfluous while you it we will fathom. And all our numerous ancestors with impatience look now at us and with disturbance wait, that we have somewhat quicker learnt LOVE!

From the aforesaid some outputs arise:

1. Force of human thought is primely enormous. If by force of thought the person can create to itself any problem, including illness, means, it in a state to remove it, having modified the thoughts and behaviour. About force of human thought we are more narrow with you explicitly spoke earlier.

2. The parents of diseases are in ourselves, instead of outside. They the following:

Misunderstanding of the purposes, sense and reserving of the life;

Misunderstanding and Universe failure to comply with the laws;

Retention in consciousness of fatal thoughts, senses and emotions.

3. Illness is a cue about a disbalance, harmonies in itself and at interplay with world around. It and the help from subconsciousness, and a drug for fatal, destroying thoughts and emotions.

It is necessary to mark that illness originates for our instruction there where the person had a stagnation in thoughts. Subconsciousness suggests, it is necessary to pay prime attention to what orb of life activity. If we react in time, illness either does not originate, or flows in the light, deleted form. In that event when the person is not reached by these helps invented by subconsciousness then it (subconsciousness) realises more and more heavy forms of illnesses. If also it does not minister a lesson then there are situations malignant, up to death.

Illness originates for instruction.

At the same time, it and to the doctor-psychotherapist the help. Disease process retention in certain field of a human skew field demonstrates, in what direction to search for negative emotions — pavors, offences, sacrifice and so on.

For example, the woman has offences for the father, for the husband. Means, it does not accept completely men in the life, hence, there is an aversion of its female nature. Therefore she needs to pay attention to the thoughts, the emotions connected to acceptance of the feminity. Proof, deep negative thoughts pertaining to men lead to originating of gynecologic problems and is parallel — to the difficult interpersonal ratios.

About the same writes N.N.Vashkevich in one of the remarkable books about linguistics «System tongues of a brain":"… Tongue shows the cybernetic device, organising the world and controlling it. Tongue will organise the world and controls it as a whole, not only the person and even life.

The modern medicine, unfortunately, abandons meaning of the life behind brackets and considers the person or as a sack typed by bones and meat, or as chemical plant on meal rehash in manures. For this parent in the capacity of the principal instrument of treatment it uses either a knife, or chemistry. Not the organism, and the person meanwhile is ill. It was known still in the ancient time. The Chinese doctors spoke: «If the liver is ill you, it is necessary to think of purity of your thoughts». It seems that the modern medicine is far from this Chinese wisdom. Perhaps, therefore all its attempts, according to physicians, in particular world famous surgeon Amosov, add to human life only 2 years. Retiring effects ».

It would be desirable to exclaim, being converted to the dear author: «Dear Nikolay Nikolaevich! Not all so is bad; making use of psychosomatic medicine and philology experience, we already learn our patients to manage the illnesses. We learn how to strip the thoughts as, using force of notion, to be aimed fortunately».

The woman of years a magpie asks for the floor. Attracts attention her face. To be exact, inflamed *, red bloom a skin of a nose and dogs — such red half mask.

— My name is Natalia. Many, obviously, have perceived, in what my problem consists. It, as they say, is written on the person.

This inflammation on the person tracks with me within here already twenty eight years of my life.

All has begun it in puberty when with the maiden monthly there were emptyings on the person. Doctors have told that it is youthful eels, and they will transit after the puberty continuance will conclude. As I only did not treat them! The puberty continuance has terminated for a long time both at me, and at my children. And emptyings both were, and remained. I asked myself a problem, communicating with subconsciousness on Sinelnikov’s procedure, in what the parent of the inflamed face skin. Has gained a definite answer: dermal emptyings directly are connected to my aversion of men.

Yes, I analysed the life and have perceived, as in this orb at me many problems are real have accumulated.

The leader:

— Natalia, answer, and how at you interrelations with men were added?

— Husbands — them was two — left from me practically right after how sons were born. Sons two. They have already grown. Too have run up who where, and to a nose not kazhut. Low and has told: «Mother, you the behaviour and is not similar to the woman!» And I after all so tried for them…

I perceive that it is somehow bound — my problem person and my home life. But how to understand it and how to decouple this node — I do not perceive. Help me, please!

The leader:

— Well, but yield sequentially. How you perceive answers of your subconsciousness?

— In the form of visual fashions-memoirs or fashions-representations, words sometimes come, but to classify all it is not possible.

The leader:

— So, we have a certain dermal disorder of the person which one troubles you here already twenty eight years.

How you learn about the disease?

— I have not perceived that means: how I learn? I simply know that I have pustules on the person, and around inflamed skin. This inflammation very badly yields to treatment.

The leader:

— «As you learn?» Is means: what do you see, hear, feel, when there is an inflammation on the person?

— I have perceived. I if to bevel eyes, I see a red skin of a nose. Very well it is visible if to approach to a mirror or to look in a pocket mirror from the beautician.

What do I hear? The words converted to me concerning these inflammations, — words of sympathy, pity. Sometimes in them hostility notes sound.

What do I feel? Outwardly — the pain, a face skin becomes hot to the touch. And internally I feel the abnormality and pity to myself from other people. I think that it was offensive to look at me.

The leader:

— You really feel it or only guess, what to associates was offensive to look at you? — I so think, though many said that at dialogue at all do not note my red face, but I do not believe them.

The leader:

— So, we have spotted a problem. Introduce, please, as that part of subconsciousness which one has created to you this problem could look.

Or, in other words, introduce any inanimate object which one matches to that part of subconsciousness that has created to you a problem. It is gained?

— It is gained. It is a balloon. It is half charged by air, corrugated. A globule a size approximately centimetres thirty on fifteen.

The leader:

— We while will leave your globule alone, we to it will return later. And now such problem: how you feel, see, feel such concepts how "YES" and "IS not present"?.

— "YES" I see as a sunlight, "WAS not present" are a vesper twilight.

The leader:

— Well, following problem to your subconsciousness about availability will communicate concerning your problem.

— I have gained the answer—: "YES". The leader:

— A leah your subconsciousness is ready to answer: than you could attract this problem in the life?

— I already asked and gained the answer — "YES", it is ready. Asked and further: «Tell concretely, than, what negative thoughts and behaviour I have created to myself this problem?» After that I have recalled quarrels with the husbands, but on it was shut down and what to make further — I do not know.

The leader:

— Your picture, memory is and there is an answer of your subconsciousness to the asked problem. You ask any problem to yourselves, and of what you have thought, — and there is an answer of your subconsciousness. Looking in a picture of quarrels with the husband, wonder: «That I need to perceive from this answer, what thought lives in this picture, what word?» Natalia has exclaimed:

— Offences! Offences for men! The leader:

— Here see, you have clarified one weighty enough parent for originating of a set of problems. Wonder: than your disease is still framed? After all the inflammation has occurbed before you have started to quarrel with husbands.

— Yes, at first it were so-called youthful eels, and there were they as I already spoke, together with the maiden monthly. Doctors have told that they will transit after in marriage I will quit. In marriage quitted even doubly, and they have not transited.

The leader:

— Wonder: than, what thoughts, emotions, behaviour you have caused these acnes?

— Aversion of as women, I had strong enough desire to remain the child, I did not want to become the adult woman.

The leader:

— Be converted to itself in the childhood prior to the beginning of puberty: a leah there was in your life any event, able to cause disgust for the female nature?

— I have gained the answer — pavor! Also has recalled neighbours. We with mum then lived in a communal flat, to me was years five-six. Ours the neighbour is a lot of saws, often there were drinking-bouts, beat the wife. Once and I have got in the heat of the moment. It drunk, has shouted at me, has painfully hit. I was very much frightened then, longly was afraid to quit our room. Since then I hate drunk and generally cautiously I fall into to men.

The leader:

— And what connection by what have begun monthly, and your problem?

— I did not want to mature, did not want such home life, and I did not know another, as parents have dispersed, when to me was about one year. Here also has invented a method that boys from our cl did not pay to me attention. Introduce, I have just now recalled, as I rejoiced to these inflammations on the person. Then it was forgot also to me my inflamed skin began to hinder. How much myself I remember, I try to cure the person, and it appears, the problem parent lies much more penetrating. Yes, really, it is pavor before the man. And I have jostled this pavor so deeply in myself! The leader:

— Natalia, now you perceive, what that pavor which one you did not realise, but it deeply sat in your subconsciousness from twelve years age, has got out outside and so has decorated your person? Has decorated that quoters of an opposite sex have not paid attention that you become the woman. To me comes to mind thought that the behaviour you mirrored the ratio of your mother to men and to home life. You say, what grew without the father?

— Yes, you’re right. I grew without the father, it has tragically perished, was broke down by the machine. Mum has once again married, but they have bunked not for long. I have now perceived, why at me so offensive ratio to sex: I have incidentally found mum and the stepfather in sand bed. It seemed to me that the stepfather who was on top, throttles my mum. I was frightened, it became a pity to me it, there was an offence for the stepfather. By the way, mother had a negative attitude to sex, it was the taboo subject, and at me the impression about sex as about something offensive, dirty and shameful as a result was added.

The leader:

— We just enough explicitly have unmade the maiden magic problem, set to the subconsciousness, — THAN? Than the problem is created? Therefore we transfer to reviewing of a following magic problem: FOR WHAT? For what this problem is necessary to us? Or in other words: «What positive notion is fulfilled by this problem to that it learns me? What I need to perceive from the fact of retention of this problem?»

— I perceive now that my subconsciousness learns to pay attention of me to the feminity. I perceive now that, it appears, is complete of pavors and offences. Also I know, at last, whence such aversion of sex. Yes, is over what to work.

The leader:

— Perfectly. Natalia, here all of you it have perceived, and what it yields you?

— This knowledge is necessary to me for changes to cease to be dependent on children’s pavors, prejudices.

The leader:

— And for what you need to be free from pavors and offences?

— To lead new, happy life! It is gained, what the inflamed face skin I learnt myself to happiness?

The leader:

— All situations in which one we fall, are framed by our subconsciousness for instruction. Perseverence and succession in accomplishment of a procedure of dialogue with subconsciousness then Much becomes clear to you also you is indispensable only will avoid superfluous difficulties. Begins to live much more pleasantly and more easy.

Now we transfer to reviewing of the third magic problem: HOW? How to resolve this problem? What it is necessary to make, that illness which one at you was many years and even decades, has simply disappeared as superfluous, has left in a non-existence?

Yield the job to the infraconscious reason to elaborate and demonstrate you the maiden new behavioral model which one will lead you to new, harmonic life.


— Know, while you told it, I have introduced three new behavioral models. At first, I need to learn to be quiet. Concerning my pavors I can tell that certain progress was already planned. I have learnt with them to interact, promptly changing fashions. As a result I became much quieter.

Secondly, it is necessary for me to pay attention to itself as on the woman. It and new, more the lady’s wear, and occupations by aerobics, and generally is more to give attentions. By the way, I any more do not remember, when for the last time was in holiday.

Thirdly, it is spiritual growth. I have thought that it is necessary to prolong to read the literature, similar to yours. Perhaps, at itself in a city to organise a seminar with your involvement. Will arrive?

The leader:

— Certainly, type bunch wishing to participate in a similar seminar, we will deliver you in the diagramme of realisation of seminars, and we necessarily will meet in your city.

Well and now we will prolong. Ask itself such problem: all parts of your subconsciousness agree with these new behavioral models?

— Yes, yes! — Natalia on a chair has jumped up and has clapped the hands. — All has inside begun to jump and with pleasure has cried that all parts me agree to live in a new fashion, new behavioral models.

The leader:

— A leah will take your internal reason on itself liability for that new models of your behaviour were implemented in your life in due time, in a proper place?

— Yes, with pleasure! The leader:

— Perfectly, and here now we will return to the initiation of our talk and we will recall, on what that part of subconsciousness which one has created to you this problem is similar.

Is there was half blown off, flabby balloon. But now it looks absolutely in another way. If earlier it powerlessly hung, now it bright red, in the form of a heart. It is torn vverhi if not a scarlet ribbon for which one it is anchored, for a long time would soar up in the root. The leader:

— Means, from this minute that part of your subconsciousness which one is responsible for your health, and including for a pure skin of your person, will associate with this celebratory globule, the care of your person will be guaranteed it.

Thank you for that the example have helped to perceive how to communicate with internal "I".

I know that here there are people who already repeatedly were at our seminars. Who wants to be divided by the successes?

The man of medial years raises an arm:

— My name Ivan. I want to tell that any successes to me managed to be attained, using your procedures, but not all at me quits evenly as it would be desirable.

How at me is gained to use in an everyday life the knowledge gained from books and seminars, I want to bring to your attention two small stories. I have paid attention that you reduce flock of such small stories. They happen are more pithy, than volumes of florid reasonings.

So, the story maiden about how much happens useful to pay attention to Universe helps.

On service I should go often enough by rail. Once, being returned from the alternate business trip, I on the floor space near the station tried to catch a motor cab. At rest a motor cab there was a small queue, it would not be desirable to wait, has solved to shut down a private trader. After two-three abortive attempts to shut down the machine the taxi driver approaches on me. While through an open window we with it agreed about where me to go and how much it will cost, the brisk guy runs up to the machine, having removed me, he starts to be perturbed loudly with activities driving. It appears, there is a concurence and «the infringer of the convention» has approached on me, it supposedly not its servicing area, and it the motor-man utterly worthless, and the machine at it is not suit anywhere.

Having auscultated to this monologue, I began to work, as you speak, in an old behavioral model and has turned on in squabble («As it so, — all was perturbed inside, — me an elbow have removed! Me!»). Having voiced everything that I thought pertaining to the guy who hindered me to go on it a motor cab, I have sat in the machine. With the motor-man we have considered behaviour patterns of this person, is natural with the use of idiomatic lexicon. But our journey lasted not for long. Having driven literally one and a half planning quarter to the proximate traffic signal, our machine has decayed precisely at crossroads centre. The motor-man obeskurazhenno has stated that will cause the technical help, and I need to search for other machine. And here I get out of a motor cab, with several ascuses, convolutions, me goes round, loudly buzzing horns, urban transport — a peakhour. I vzmokshy, malicious, trail the load and I think, than I have created this situation. The answer comes quickly:« Has just sworn with that bright fellow, without having listened to it. And he after all Russian has told that it is not necessary to sit in this car as it is not suit anywhere. Next time more show consideration to that associates speak to you, and arrogance restrain…»

When I went on your seminar, to me there was one more interesting event is just concerns an unmade subject of health. At night the neck very strongly was ill. I was upset, as knew that it will be fastened down a minimum of day on three-four — already there was a bitter experience of such cervical anemones. Three-four days is if to treat. And in a train who to me will kill this pain? I was have begun to panic, but in time was shut down and have told to myself: «Pogodi to panic, yield ive on a procedure of doctor Sinelnikov we will try to understand, than I have created this pain to myself». And at once the answer has come:« You obidelsjana the fellow traveller, the neighbour in a coupe, and on its relatives who saw off him. They a noisy crowd have become hollow in a coach, settle on compartment seats. Loudly making a din, transmitted greetings, inconsiderately enough laid down belongings and so forth. Instead of easy reacting to this basically harmless vanity, you razvorchalsja. Only to itself has spoilt mood. And now gain a pain in a neck! It, by the way, symbolises lack of slenderness of behaviour, and think of new behavioral models ». I thus have analyzed a situation. Has thanked the fellow traveller for a lesson which it has taught me to an exposure and patience, and somehow it is imperceptible for itself has fallen asleep. Has woken up vigorous, rested, without the slightest characters of a pain in a neck. It was acquainted with the fellow traveller, it has appeared the interesting story-teller, besides the colleague. Even, as it is strange, have discovered blanket acquaintances.

I have in some measure learnt to pay attention to helps from world around. I would like to perceive how to avoid various illnesses in the future, how to learn to communicate with the skew field, to lead a healthy conduct of life, using force of the notion.

The leader:

— Perfectly! Here you also quit to our "hot" chair. Sit down. We will master now exercise which one is termed SELF-HEALING.

Ivan, first of all it is necessary for you to solve, you want to cure what disease automatically.

Ivan after a hiatus, carefully all having weighed, reports:

— I am am troubleed very much by a chronic cold. Here is more narrow about five years at me periodically in the spring and in the autumn this disease becomes aggravated.

The leader:

— Two serials of pictures will be necessary for accomplishment of this exercise from your life for us.

So, the maiden serial consists of three ocular spectrums. Recall now any disease which one has transited promptly, without application of additional methods of treatment.

Allocate this event on three sequential pictures. In maiden — an onset of an illness, in second — recuperation process, in third — see itself the healthy person.


— Such event will approach? I remember, how has cut the pin, when shinkoval cabbage for salting for the winter. I have dressed the pin, but then have marked for myself that the wound has healed quickly enough.

The leader:

— Yes. It is an eligible event. I iterate once again — allocate this memory on three sequential pictures: an initiation, the midpoint of process and recuperation.


— Wait a moment some minutes, I will mass. I have got used to make all in details.

After a while it has jarred a head, quitting deep thoughtfulness.

— I accurately see myself in the maiden picture with cabbage in one arm and a shredder in another. The arm slides, and I have wounded the pin about an acute knife of a shredder. My wife has come running and has dressed a wound. «The friend has salvaged the friend!»

The second picture — every other day I take out a leese. I see a wound under a crust. I even forget about it for some time.

And the third picture — I recall a wound in some days and I see a pink rumen from the healed wound. I then was surprised that the wound has healed so promptly.

The leader:

— Store these fashions and feels. And now you will need to do the following. Allocate on three pictures that disease from which one it is necessary for you to recover. In your event it is a chronic cold.

In the maiden picture in black-and-white alternative you see direct implications of a cold. In second — it became much better to you to breathe through a nose. But an absolute recovery has not set in yet.

And in third you see yourselves healthy in the bright colour image. And strongly be surprised, how it to you was possible so promptly to be healed. Now it is necessary for you to enter in this fashion and to answer itself following problems: «That I will see, I will hear, I will experience, I will smell, when I will become the healthy person?»


— Yes, at me all was gained. I sequentially have introduced myself at first sick, then recovering. And in the third picture has seen itself on the velocipede, going on the track through a blooming pratum. Has heard singing of auks. Has experienced, as green air sated with manifold flavours freely penetrates through my nose. Delightful feel!

What to me to make with these pictures further? The leader:

— And it is necessary to make here that. You have an experience of prompt self-acting self-healing. Now superimpose the second serial of pictures on maiden so that numbers have coincided. Yield a team to the subconsciousness to make use of experience of prompt self-healing that has transited your chronic cold.

Ivan was again diped in deep thoughtfulness and later minutes five obradovanno has reported:

— Introduce, after I it have done all, at me the nose has dried up. There was more or less free breath. And that I was as the narcomaniac — everywhere with myself dragged flakonchiki with Naphthyzinum.

The leader:

— We are sincerely glad for you! Do overlapping of pictures of times seven-ten. Lead up process to automatism.

And more one important moment. Ask the subconsciousness: «That I can make to maintain automatic process of self-healing?» Pay attention, what this problem will be followed by fashions, feels or thoughts.


— While you told it, I have recalled, as my friend who is engaged for a long time in yoga, advised to me every morning to wash out a nose the warm added some salt water. And I have ignored its advice. Now I perceive that in vain.

The leader:

— Yes, I too know such method of refinement and treatment of the nasal codes. Itself for a long time it I use.

Still I want to pay your attention to what changes to you it is necessary to import to style of life to help recuperation process. So far as concerns any serious illnesses, this step is useful for iterating daily until illness completely will not transit.


— The velocipede was not without reason introduced me. I already some times thought that it is time to go in for sports. Means, it the Universe help were more narrow. I give thanks to you!

The leader:

— Thank you for the active involvement in a seminar. And we already transfer to a following subject. We will talk about a delivery.

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5. The frequent use of phrases with dual sense

Very often people say type phrases: «Yes it is a close set headache";"Feels my heart";" This problem already is a pain in the neck to me "," Than me is more narrow toshnit from all it ». These expressions and to it similar so densely are included in a lexicon that the person saying similar phrases, does not note that them uses. Everything that we think, we feel, we see and we hear, permanently influences our organism and on world around. The above-stated phrases, specially at their constant use, we yield a team to our subconsciousness to fulfil about what so often we speak or we think. The object or a world around appearance are bound to occur in the field of our attention after we will think of them, and the more promptly, than more often and sosredotochennee we will think of it. From here so the thought on purity of thoughts and so was relevant to pay attention that we speak also what categories is relevant we think. The person in the ‘ gets used to use filler word speeches, and then is surprised to that thought and words actually were materialised.

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4. Effect of suggestion — making of illness by suggestion

In this case it is a question and of suggestion from outside, and about a self-suggestion.

Lives, there lives to itself the person easy and suddenly (and a leah suddenly?) hears on a television that there is on country a surge of a super new grippe, — there and then there is a pavor to be ill, and from pavor the panic is born. The gear materializatsii thoughts is launched. And KAKO PEOPLE MYSLETE — ours IT REST.

The joke is recalled how the marshal the Death accepts the report from the general of the Plague.

«— As a result of successful activities of the subdividings entrusted to me the significant damage is caused to the country population. Has perished twenty thousand persons.

— Perfectly, but I, knowing thy capabilities, planed only five thousand. How it was possible to achieve such success? — The mister the marshal, remaining have perished from pavor!»

Speaking about negative suggestion from outside, not realised suggestion is meant. Rarely enough happens so that disease is suggested was conscientious. As a rule, such examples of the realised suggestion can be discovered on pages of detective novels and a yellow press. Though suggestion is from outside possible only when the patient infraconsciously wishes to yield to suggestion. As they say: «I to be truck rad…»

There is such law — the law of inviolability of the will, stating:

«All in my life happens only at my will! Without my will anybody with me cannot make anything, and on the contrary, I can be subjected to action from the outside if I have a desire (conscientious or infraconscious) to be subjected to any action».

Typical event of suggestion of disease is jatrogenija (the disease which has resulted inadvertently a word told by the doctor in the presence of the patient). Such diseases originate, as a rule, at people hypochondriac, with labile psychics.

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3. A painfull past experience — the endured emotional shock

The stress is one of the most powerful methods of making to the person of serious illnesses. The main breaking moment of any stressful situation the pavor ministers. For the life or for life of other person.

Alexey Pavlovich, I see your raised arm! You want to be divided by something with us?

Alexey Pavlovich slowly transits forward and tells:

— In my life about one year there was a history affirming correctness of your words about force of stress as a principle of originating of illness back.

I already told that ratios with the son at me were difficult enough. Therefore I laid hopes on the mission laid to me. So it was gained that the son with the daughter-in-law should leave for some days a city. And transporting of too bright four-year fellow-heir in a kindergarten and home has been guaranteed in the morning me in the evening. Dwellings together with the spouse to cope with it was much lighter. Introduce that responsibility as which one I felt at one thought, what with the boy there can be something?! Pavors was more than enough. How you speak? Situation waiting spawns a situation? And it was gained. While I closed down a gate and for a sec have exhausted the grandson from a viewing field, it, stealing a march through, have been brought down by the car. Thank God that with it all was bypassed successfully enough if at all opportunely here to speak about good luck. Was much more severe with me. So has diluted me an inveterate radiculitis that I could not be moved on centimetre from that gate. It was necessary to cause "fast". I longly then was treated. However, worried about the grandson more. Fortunately, it was retouched that is termed, a light fright. But at me the fright was farly not a lung. Even now, when I tell about it, the pain and a numbness in a leg begins. The leader:

— Tell, Alexey Pavlovich how the further ratios with the son and his wife were added?

— As I also guessed, this incident did not contribute in our convergence. In Odessa so would tell: «I had what to listen!»

By the way, only here, at a seminar, me has reached that I have created a situation pavors.

The leader:

— Thank you for the story, and we continue in the meantime.

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2. Activity of destructive thoughts: illness is an exterior reflex of our thoughts and our behaviour

Already in an extreme antiquity scientists-physicians paid attention that shut-downs in a specific organ are connected to affective behaviour or a situation which one mirror organ operation. Poor workmanship of small intestines which one assimilates the nutrient materials falling in the alimentary system, is connected to disability of the person to patch the businesses. People who think too much and unduly trouble, interfere with with gastrointestinal tract problems.

The modern scientific probes also point that certain emotional and mental behavioral models are connected to illness in specific organs. For example, sexual harassments in an early youth can become the parent of chronic diseases of sexual organs and urethra.

The most powerful destroying negative emotion as we already spoke, the pavor is. At first this implication of an instinct of selfpreservation, and then to be afraid begins a bad habit. And pavors impair not only to the patient, but also its surrounding. Being afraid for it, the family "gives" at first pavors, sending them at infraconscious level to the patient. And then happens materializatsija of what were afraid all together in the form of specific illness. From here thought on relevance of that we think of ourselves and about the native. The problem arises: who then is more sick — the one who was ill, or the one who neosoznanno, and is sometimes conscientious "has wished" another illnesses? And a following problem: whom then to treat first of all — the patient or its family, a company or those who tries to treat, terming itself as doctors?

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1. Concealed motivating. Subconsciousness by means of illness performs any positive notion

More often behind illness there is a huge deficit of love. And for compensating of this deficit the person invents a method to attract attention which illness is. Was possiblly and the opposite positive notion, standing up for illness: to avert from itself redundant, according to the patient, attention.

The woman of medial years asks for the floor.

— I want to instance how I communicated today with subconsciousness and has perceived a cause of illness of the thyroid gland.

During a seminar I have learnt to perceive answers of the subconsciousness. Here is how it was gained: I have asked a problem on what has created feels of a clod in a throat and other concomitant offensive symptoms. Suddenly from street I have heard any strange pikajushchy a sound, silent, but clear enough to pay to it attention. I ask myself a problem: «That I should perceive from this? Yield me more clear answer».

And at once I hear sharp shocks as though a hammer knock on iron. I ask: «About what to me tells this knocking? You cannot reach me?»

I have experienced the interior consent, I perceive that it is the answer "YES", and I ask once again: «Yield me more clear answer about the parent of my disease!» And there and then I hear as though from street a low voice of the child: "A-a-a-a". The thought that the clod parent in a throat is the pinched cry about a pain in my childhood comes. At once numerous offences for the unfair ratio to me are recalled from parents. Behind a window the loud ringing of alloying baskets is distributed. I wonder: «That this help of the Universe means?» I perceive that subconsciousness rings in all alloying baskets that I have perceived that I stand practically at the last bar. Meaning at once reaches me and other helps of the Universe — the numerous funeral attributes which are catching sight recently. I perceive that illness is a method to pay attention to itself, that I have forgotten about myself, has ceased to attract attention.

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The leader:

— Well and now from an automobile subject we will transfer, at last, to health. Though basically about health it is possible and not to speak, we only and made till now that spoke about health. About healthy intrafamily ratios, about emotional health, how we create it and as we lose.

At our seminars often it is said that illness is a cue that the person was shut down in the evolution, and blowing-down is an initiation of slow dying. To me the thought that illness is a drug for ours has somehow come, excuse, sick brains, from sick thoughts. Our infraconscious reason creates illness there where at the person stagnation in thoughts where there was a jar was planned. Yield we will recall an example which one we already mentioned: mum has pavors for the children and she worries about them, that is endures their life. It means that leads not own life, and life of children. Then that she has paid attention to herself, its subconsciousness together with subconsciousness of its children and creates to it a hypertonia, heart attacks. A mole, pay attention to itself! You squander the cordial energy without favour, and is frequent and to the detriment of the children, hindering them to live.

We already said that any event in life of any person is a collective creativity. Including illness. In making of illness of any person share not only the patient and its surrounding, but also all those who knows about disease of this person, including its attending physician. As there is a disease, we already spoke. I will dare to resemble main engines of appearance of illnesses.

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